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Our FormulationWelcome to the Power of Botanicals*

With a formulation using active ingredients that are primarily essential oils and their components, ByeBye Insects protects you from mosquito and tick bites while retaining a pleasant scent and great skin feel.

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ByeBye Insects uses primarily essential oils and their components to offer powerful protection from insect bites. The result of thousands of tests, our blend of seven active ingredients can offer up to 4 hours of protection with a pleasant scent and good skin feel.

ByeBye Insects repels mosquitoes and ticks and can be used on children with adult supervision.

Our Story 45 Years of Fly Control Experience Applied to Your Skin

We are Spalding Laboratories, the makers of ByeBye Insects, and we were green before being green was even a thing. Our first product, Fly Predators, was the first effective, non-chemical way to control flies on farms and ranches.

From there, we continued to find innovative ways to keep bugs from bugging animals and humans. ByeBye Insects is our latest innovation – using the power of botanicals* for protection from mosquitoes and ticks.

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*Active ingredients primarily essential oils and their components.